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About Vor

Vor is a Canadian based company that specializes in required training for mines and other related heavy industries.

The staff at Vor-Training have decades of experience in designing and delivering training programs for mines, pits and quaries.

The name 'Vor' comes Norse mythology. Vor was a Goddess of knowledge. She was known as 'the careful one'. It is in this spirit that Vor-Training approaches working with clients. We strive to teach a 'careful awareness' with all our clients while helping them meet and exceed the required training requirements.

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Vor-Training combines an online, self service training platform along with in-person consulting to meet all your training needs for both Common Core and Job Procedures

All theory and testing admistered by Vor-Training is available to your employees online and can be accessed by a computer, tablet or phone. No special software is required, just an internet connection and a browser.

Everything except for the field assesment can be completed from the safety and comfort of home

Helping Owners and Signing Authorities

Vor-Training's platform includes an administrative component that allows company owners (and designated signing authorities) too:
+ Assign and track individual employee training
+ Store and retrieve all required documents and check lists
+ Adminster of test storage student test results
+ Keep track of the required field assesments

The following video provides more details on how Vor's platform of choice, Core Academy, can help you:

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The Vor-Training platform is powered by Common Core Academy - Created by Phlyt Inc

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Why Should You Care About Training?

The company owner is responsible to provide training and direction so that all work is performed safely. Those who provide supervision or training are also expected to be properly trained to perform these duties. If no trainer or supervisor is employed by the company then the owner is assuming these responsibilities.

Vor Training will help you meet required management training obligations.

Your Training Journey

Vor-Training will ensure all employees completed the MTCU required Common Core Training (Surface miner program # 770210) and all the required documents are generated and stored.

Common Core Training Requires:
+ Course Outlines
+ Theory and Testing
+ Practical Skill Evaluation
+ Signing Books

Once Common Core has been completed, Vor-Training will help your company your create it's Job Procedure training. This will be based off of Vor-Training's Job Procedure templates, and customized with assistance from Vor-Training's knowledgeable staff

To learn more about Common Core, watch the following video:

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